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Group Websites

M/S Plus Infosoft (P) Ltd The owner company of is owner of other websites and portals also. The company has online presence in spheres of matrimonial services, property, job search, community service and social work.
Our Matrimonial Site is a modern tool of arranged marriage . Unlike other Sites of Marriage we give best assistance in Matrimony Search and Marriage Match making for registered users at no extra cost. Most of the Matrimonial Sites charge huge amounts for personalized matching. Matrimonials , Marriages in India is no more a social affair, Now professionals are helping people in searching suitable match from own community. Matrimonial Websites are playing very constructive role in society in changing life style and family & social relation transformations. Matrimonial Sites in India have got acceptance and regard in modern society.

Community or Regional Websites of

To make match making more convenient for the people of different Religions in their own communities, we have planned to launch Separate matrimonial websites as part of People of different religions can directly login to website made specially for people of their religion only. These websites are given as follows:

Property Portal

This websites collates properties from a number of different sources e.g. Indivisuals, Real Estate Agents & Builders. Here you can Search, buy, sell, rent and lease residential, commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Agricultural, Hotels, Villas, Shops, Mall showrooms and all other types of properties.

Job Portal

This portal is for help of people in search of jobs in all spheres of life and this also gives great service to service / job providers as well. Employers and unemployed or persons seeking job change both benefit from our online service.

Community Website

This website is for providing social service and community information and discuss community's issues in our online discussion forum. Information of high achievers. Info of opportunities in education, sports, health, business & administrative jobs are available free of cost.

Social Initiatives

The website is official website of our social initiative in Name of JANSEWAK. This social organization Is a registered entity for doing social activities for the benefit of all sections of society.